Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Top Pinterest Picks

It's Thursday and time for my weekly Pinterest picks.  To be honest I have not had a lot of time to browse but I wanted to share a few things that I did found and of course, immediately adored!

These little otters made my heart said that Sea Otters hold hands while they sleep so they will not drift away from one another...AWWW!!!  That's just sweetness!

I think I might make a card like this for the Hubs on V-Day, but I am
thinking I might add blogging as well.

Really loved this top...would be great with jeans.

I'm Southern so anything you can monogram is precious to me.

I think I might start living by this...

My husband would love this whiskey bar.

I have a thing for salt and pepper shakers.

I love this earrings and the color...I want to try and make them!

Well those are my picks for the week and I cannot wait for High Five for Friday tomorrow!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Kayla - I love your pins this week! That cute top, the Monograms, & those salt & pepper shakers is to die for! :-) Stay beautiful & Southern!