Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Product Spotlight: Thirty One: Littles Carry - All Caddy

Today I wanted to share this awesome Little Caddy, from Thirty One, with you guys and show you the multiple ways you can use it!!!  It is also very inexpensive and super cute as you can tell...

Front View

Back View

I use one of mine as an office caddy.  It holds all my pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers plus scissors and other goodies I use on a daily basis and want at an arms reach away.  I am very OCD about my desk...everything has its place.

I also use a couple at home...one for makeup and another to store all the cords and chargers for the numerous electronic devices we have collected over time.

As you can see there are multiple uses for this Littles Carry - All Caddy, do you guys have any ideas?

Check here if you are interested in this product or many other products that Thirty One has to offer.  If you wait until tomorrow their new spring catalog will be available and they have some super cute new items for spring!

Friday, January 27, 2012

High Five for Friday

It is once again Friday...which I am so excited about, and it is time to link up with
Lauren at From My Grey Desk for another

High Five for Friday!!!!

Here are some of the highlights of my week and one thing to celebrate tonight!

1. My Dad's Birthday is today so the fam is getting together to eat at Mig's this evening, which is totally yummy, and celebrate my awesome DAD!!!

Photo by Melissa Ragan Photography

2. My Husband - Yes, this will probably be a little corny, but I fall more and more in love with my Husband everyday!  God has blessed me with an amazing man and I could not be happier with where our life is heading!!

Photo by Melissa Ragan Photograph

3. Crazy Love - I started reading this awesome book Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  If you get a chance check it out...it's a breath of fresh air.

4. I finally made a haircut appointment!  Next week I am finally getting this hot mess cut and I could not be more excited!  I cannot wait!

5.  Instagram - I have had Instagram for a while and I love it, but recently more and more people have been adding the app.  It is so great seeing all the pictured from my family and friends!  If you don't have it yet you should check it out!


Happy Friday to all!!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Top Pinterest Picks

Wanted to share some of the awesome things I stumbled upon this week as I browsed on Pinterest!

I thought this was super cute! I am a hopeless romantic.

Via Pinterest

How can you not love this?

Via Pinterest

The colors on this bag are awesome!

Via Pinterest

I am really digging this color combination!

Via Pinterest

I just think this looks awesome...I would like to have it in my yard!!

Via Pinterest

This just made me giggle!

Via Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed!

Get addicted to Pinning!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Epic Failure

So last week I decided that I was going to try and complete my first tutorial for my blog, and I chose to try and cut class.  I had saved some wine bottles from the wedding and I wanted to take the super cute Cupcake Moscato bottle and make it a pen holder for my desk.  So I did the research and found a couple tutorials and thought this was going to be easy peasy! 
Boy was I wrong!
I am sharing some pictures that the hubs snapped as I tried to complete this task...

Feeling confident!

There is fire here...just can't see the flame.

So for now I still have a entire wine bottle...in one piece.

So if anyone has any advice please share!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday BFF!!!

Today is one of my Very Best Friend's Birthday

Happy Birthday Amber!!!

Photo by Melissa Ragan Photogrpahy

I just wanted to take a minute and wish her a Happy Birthday and thank her for being such an awesome friend!

Friday, January 20, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's Friday and by now you all now what that means...it is time to link up with Lauren for

High Five for Friday!

1. My Awesome Doctor! - I have been battling a cold since the week after Christmas and she has finally cured me!!  Yay for Dr. Hagenbuch!!

2. Woodchuck on Draft!  I will have to admit that I like to enjoy Woodchuck on occasion but I live in a small town and it is never on draft (which is when it is at its most delicious).  So to my surprise the Hubs and I headed to dinner at Fin 'N' Filet and there is was...WOODCHUCK ON DRAFT!!!

3.  Hobby Lobby - Finally got to make a visit to Hobby Lobby this week!  I have been trying to get there since Christmas and finally found the time to browse and have a big time!

4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Went to the movies on Sunday and watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo...I thought it was really good but a little dark and twisted.

5.  I now have 5 members for my blog which is a awesome to me!  I hope it continues to grow because I am having a blast!

Please link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk and share what your highlights were from the week!

Happy Friday and I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Top Pinterest Picks

I am so addicted to Pinterest that I am sure I should attend some sort of 12 step program.  I cannot get enough of the endless ideas and pretties that come across my computer on a daily basis.  I thought I would share a few of my favs from the week.

I am a newly wed and my Husband is definitely my heart!!  Love ya Boo!!

Via Pinterest

I am also in love with Kitties at this time...I think this one is super adorable!

Via Pinterest

I made this bracelet this week and I am planning to share the tutorial on a future post.

Via Pinterest

Of course you can see why I like this little quote.

Via Pinterest

I think this little guy is really cute and handy.  You can use as a scarf hook, as you see his neck is magnetic and it can hold your keys, and you can place mail in between his beak.  He is definitely a multitasker and a keeper.

Via Pinterest

I love how they started with the neutrals and added all the color!

Via Pinterest

I really like stackable rings and I think these are beautiful!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Little Something Extra

Thought I would share a little something extra for your Sunday viewing pleasure!!!

Via Pinterest

Everyone needs a little SPARKLE!!!

January Birchbox!

My January Birchbox came in this past week and I thought I would share the products I received!

1. Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy

2. ORIGINS - Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

3. stila - Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Peacock

4. VMV Hypoallergenics - Re-Everything: Face-Hand-Body Lotion

5. LARABAR - Mini Bar

If you haven't signed up for your monthly Birchbox you certainly should.  This is my fourth month and I love getting the little surprises that doesn't break the bank.  If you like beauty products as much as I do this is definitely worth the $10.00 a month!

Hope everyone is having a AWESOME weekend!

Friday, January 13, 2012

High Five for Friday

Well it's another Friday and I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share the exciting parts of my week and a few things I am thankful for...

My High Five for Friday 

1. This past Wednesday, January 11th was my step son's 11th Birthday!  We all celebrated by enjoying some Japanese cuisine and we also had some awesome family time!

2.  Tomorrow my Mom and I are heading to Bare Escentuals (which is the best make-up ever) and having lunch which would not normally be news worthy, but I am so excited because I haven't seen her in almost three weeks which is very unusually for us (especially because we live in the same town)!!!!

3. My Snuggie - My step children gave me an awesome Zebra Snuggie for Christmas and you cannot get me out of that thing since I have been super cold all week!  I love my snuggie and MY AMAZING STEP CHILDREN!  I know the commercials are annoying but it is definitely super cozy!

4. Birchbox - My monthly Birchbox came in yesterday and it was full of awesome goodies!  I will share all of the products I received some time this weekend!


5. Red Cat - One of my favorite sweet red wines that I have enjoyed over the past very LONG week!

I hope everyone had a great week and an even better weekend...YAY!!

Friday, January 6, 2012


I was just cruisin around on Pinterest and found a really awesome deal for all your crafters out there! 

It is called Whimseybox

Whimseybox is very similar to a Birchbox subscription (which I also have and love!), except it is craft supplies instead of make-up.  You can pay a small fee of $15.00 a month and Whimseybox will send you premium craft samples based on what you like.

If you are interested sign-up for an invitation!

High Five for Friday!

Today I am linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk to share...

My High Five for Friday! 

Hope you enjoy the highlights of my week!

1. The Hunger Game Trilogy.  I started reading early this week and just finished to second book...I am hooked!

2. Grey's Anatomy is FINALLY back!!!  It has almost been two months, so I have finally got my fix.

Via Pinterest

3. Go Cocks!!  The South Carolina Gamecocks (my alma mater) won the Capital One Bowl this week...so that was definitely exciting for me! 

4. My Keurig...I finally broke down and purchased one from the left over gift cards from the
wedding and I absolutely love it!  It is awesome because you can brew yummy coffee, delicious hot cocoa, and even sweet tea which of course is a Southern staple!

5. BFFs!  I work in a health care system so it is not always a fun and lively work day if you know what I mean, but Thursday at lunch me and my two BFFs had a great lunch hour laughing and barely breathing.  Isn't just nice to have those days where you can have a little extra fun with the people you love!?

Via Pinterest

Hope you have enjoyed your week as much as I have mine!

Link up with Lauren to share yours!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

January Desktop Calendar

It is the new year and time for a new desktop calendar for the month of January.  I work at a desk most of they day so I love to have some little pretties to look at from time to time. 

This month I chose the one with the owl because honestly I am a little obsessed with these cute little things!  Take a look at mine and head over to Smashing Magazine to pick one of your own!!!

Happy New Year!!!