Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

It's that time again...

Today I am linking up with the lovely Michelle at The Vintage Apple
 to share some of my finds from Pinterest this week.
Hope you enjoy!

I wish I could live in some of my Pinterest boards...Oh, well we can all dream!!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Remy - My Sweet Fur Baby

I was thinking earlier today that I have not introduced my crazy little pup Remy,
so I decided it was time for her to make an appearance,

So here she is, my strange and special dog Remy that I love so much.

A few facts about Rem Rem...

1.  She is a Yorkie-Bichon mix.

2.  She has abandonment issues, severe issues.

3.   She is a cuddler, if you are around she has to be touching you in some way.

4.  Her Birthday is the day before mine, September 29th.

5.  She loves Burt's Bees Wax Chapstick.  She has eaten multiple tubes so now
I have to hide all of my them around my house.

6.  She loves her Angry Birds toy, it is the only one she has not destroyed.

7.  She loves to be dirty, as soon as she gets a bath she is looking for a mud hole.

So they are a few facts about my fur baby and I hope you enjoy getting to know her.

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Thanks to Allison at The Green Tangerine I am moving up in the blog world. 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Cake Link-Up!

Today I am linking up with the lovely Britt from The Magnolia Pair for her
Wedding Cake Link-Up Party!!!

I am really excited for this link-up party because I am a NEWLYWED
and I loved my flippin wedding cake and now I get to share it with the world. 

The idea for my cake actually came from a bridal fair I attended.  I thought I had an inspiration picture but I cannot find it right now. 

My wedding colors were black and light pink so I decided that I wanted the little sugar pearls to be light pink inside each flower. 

My fabulous baker was Kathy Scott of Sweet Expressions in Abbeville, SC.  She is actually a famous cake designer and has been featured in multiple cake decorating competition on the Food Network.

I also chose to have different cake flavors for each layer.  My first layer was almond, then chocolate, then strawberry, then almond again all with butter cream icing.  I liked that the guest had a variety of yummy choices.

I also decided against a cake topper (GASP!!!)  It is very southern to have a cake topper and no one understood why I didn't want one, but I thought it turned out perfect with out one.

The flowers were made of fondant and very difficult to
cut through...see the Hubs expression. 
Makes me laugh!

This was one of my favorite pictures!  Taylin, my awesome step-daughter was chillin next to the cake tasting all of the different flavors.

Hope you enjoyed one part of our special day!

February Birchbox

I have been slacking a little with the blogging...sorry about that.  Downton Abbey has grab my attention the last few nights but I promise I am back.

Today I wanted to share what I received in my February Birchbox.  I love getting this box once a is definitely exciting to see what new products that I will get to experiment with.

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint - This would be better in my opinion for certain areas on your face your would like to highlight, like cheekbones and right under your eyebrows.  The first time I used the product I used all over my face and it made me way to shiny.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant - To be honest I have not used this product yet but it is on the list.

Beauty Blender (the pink egg shaped sponge) - This is a great concealer sponge for under your eyes and around your nose.
Cute Heart Shaped Nail File - Adorable nail file you can stick in your purse or keep at work on your desk.

Eye Rock Sticker Liners - I did not really like these, it is just not my style I barely wear eye liner now much less very dramatic eye liner.  Will probably save them for our Relay for Life WoMAN Pageant at work.

If you love beauty products as much as I do you should most definitely check out Birchbox and sign up for your monthly subscription.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Today I am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for...


I hope you enjoy these random goodies I found on Pinterest this week!

All pins can be found here.

Keep Pinning!

Friday, February 17, 2012

No Work = Happy Friday

Well Friday is upon us and I for one am very very happy. 

I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for...

High Five for Friday!

1. Last night me and the Hubs headed to Greenville for the Eric Church - Blood, Sweat and Tears Concert.  It was an amazing show and the Hubs was even okay taking me to see my second husband (it is a running joke between us).

2. Since the concert was out of town we decided to stay the night which meant no work for me today!!!  I could not be more excited...YAY!!!

3. Like I have explained before here, my Mom is a varsity girls basketball coach and they won their first playoff game against Hillcrest 96-61.  It is probably the best I have seen them play all year and they rocked it!  GO EAGLES!!
4. We finally opened a joint banking account and we are finally on track to start our new budget strategy I cannot wait.  I know this might not be exciting for everyone but I am super stoked.

5. My Essie Nail Polish for the week - Sand Tropez   

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sponsor Love: Aubrey @ The Kinch Life

I am so excited to introduce my first sponsor and even more stoked because it is this beautiful lady...

Meet Aubrey from The Kinch Life!!

1. I am married. To the most amazing man out there, Andrew. We promised our forever to each other October 1, 2010 and have enjoyed all the chaos of our life together so far.
2. I am a Christian. God is beautiful and he is good, always.
3. I have a 6 year old step-son, Drake. He is the biggest blessing and I love him more then words can explain.
4. I am a daddy's girl; we danced to I Loved Her First at my wedding and we both cried a lot; the ugly sobbing though so no pictures will ever be seen. ;)
5. I am addicted to EOS [looks like an egg] chapstick.
6. I have multiple tattoos and am no where near finished getting them. Most have flowers and bible verses.
7. I sang the National Anthem for a basketball game in middle school, once. Was too scared to ever do it again.
8. I used to love school. Now, I hate it. I went for Elementary Education and stopped when I started planning our wedding. Will I go back?? Eventually but probably for Nursing.
9. Baking is my passion. I operate {Little Cakes} for fun.
10. I work as a full-time nanny for a beautiful toddler, Elle. It makes me want my own, soon.
11. I am obsessed with Target. I am there 4...5 times a week. Literally.
12. I am notorious for sending Christmas Cards out the day after Thanksgiving. I get a lot of crap for it but I am just wayyyyy prepared. ;)
13. I suck at math.
14. It's my dream to have a southern accent where I can say "bless your heart" and it would be accepted. Plus I love country music.
15. I "suffer" [that's what people call it but it isn't that extreme] from migraines.
16. I am a chronic organizer.
17. I ran into a wall chasing my brother when I was 5. I now have a sexy Harry Potter-like scar.
18. Elf is my favorite movie.
19. Top 5 words that describe me are: loud, bubbly [my husband says warm], loyal, passionate & a people pleaser.
20. I have a Husky/Samoyed dog, Brutus. He's huge and goofy and I love him SO much.

I know you love her now just as much as I do!  He blog is amazing and she has already inspired me more than she knows.  She has a faith in Christ that is uplifting and has pushed me to strengthen my relationship with Him!

Please take a minute to stop by The Kinch Life and give her some blog love!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting...

It's Wednesday and I am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for...


Hope you enjoy...Happy Pinning!

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